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Why should you use Buddy?

In the present day and age, online communication seems to be the only way to go. Not only it's fast, convenient and low-cost, but you can also reach out to anyone in your contacts anytime and from anywhere. However, a distinct feature that existing messaging apps lack is a way for your schedule to fit in your online presence. I often find myself in the awkward position of working through the night at 3 a.m. Not wanting others to know the fact that I've barely met the deadline, I will always keep a reminder to myself of sending the work in first thing in the morning. However, what overworked and under-slept person would remember that? After missing deadlines after deadlines, I began looking for solutions online. That's when I discovered Buddy, a messaging app that has changed my work life for the better. Now, I can go to bed knowing that the documents and message I intend to send at 8 a.m. would go through. Thanks to Buddy, I can get on with my mornings stress-free.

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