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Wanted! New Features!

Instant messaging has evolved into something no one has thought of a decade ago. In a mere few years, communication has become easier than ever, to the point that the need for working in the same physical location is being fiercely debated. Despite the ever-changing nature of the telecommunication industry, there are some features that messaging apps in the current market seemingly have missed. For example, the feature of being able to schedule your message to be sent in the future has not been found in any of the major service providers. This feature would certainly make our lives a lot easier and would add great value to the communication experience. Moreover, the feature of sharing has not been enhanced in recent years. The rate of change in the sharing economy has brought in changes in our transport and lifestyle but has yet to make an impact on how we communicate. Is there a way to establish databases using shared information to better our lives? This remains unknown but for the time being, let's just hope there will be new and better features that come along the way.

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